Flat Monthly & Sansiri

Flat Monthly providing rental solutions for leading Thai developer Sansiri

Flat Monthly (www.flatmonthly.com), a revolutionary web platform for renting apartments, condos and co-living arrangements in Southeast Asia, has announced a distribution partnership with Sansiri Public Company Limited, one of Thailand’s most prestigious property development brands. Flat Monthly will help Sansiri’s non-resident owners to rent out their condominiums in an easier and more efficient manner, solving the problem of vacant units and increasing rental income yields substantially.

Flat Monthly launched earlier this month and already has thousands of listings in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore for month-or-more rentals. The addition of Sansiri as a partner is expected to further expand high-end condos and apartments listed on the platform. 

What is Flat Monthly’s unique business model and why is it so suitable to Sansiri? CEO Michael Hogg, explains that Flat Monthly, at its own expense, films each home in high definition 3D photos, creating walk-through Virtual Tours that takes away the need for time-consuming inspection visits. This allows renters to confidently choose properties online, check for availability, ask any questions, book, sign and pay it instantly and online.

Sansiri is an ideal partner because they build gorgeous condo units, well-maintained, which photograph exceptionally well.

From a strategic viewpoint, Sansiri is a premium brand highly respected among investors and real estate agents throughout Southeast Asia and well-known among the discriminating renters and corporations who are our primary clientele as tenants.

Mr. Hogg stressed that the Sansiri partnership is great news for their non-resident (foreigner investor) condo owners. “Landlords and agents have substantial process pain conducting medium and long-term rentals, this will now provide a new global sales channel that innovates and transacts the entire rental process,” he said. 

Mr. Hogg also noted: “We are thrilled to work with Sansiri. The company has helped us fine-tune our digital rental model and it has been most accommodating in its readiness to explore new ways to do rentals in an innovative way for the benefit of their stakeholders. We hope to extend our early success with them in Bangkok to projects in Hua Hin and Phuket.” 

About Flat Monthly

Flat Monthly (www.flatmonthly.com) is a revolutionary platform for landlords, agents and tenants to expedite listing, searching and transacting agreements for the rental of condominiums and apartments.

By moving the rental process wholly online, automating many routine tasks, and adding cutting edge features like 3D photography Virtual Reality tours and digital signing, we offer all parties an innovative way to streamline the rental process end-to-end, saving time and money while achieving more satisfactory results — quicker, easier, and more efficiently.

In short, we make the long-term rental process Beyond Easy! The business currently operates in Bangkok KL and Singapore.

Further Information

Mr. Michael Hogg
Chief Executive Officer
[email protected] 

Website: www.flatmonthly.com

Phone: +65 90303643

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